The Deguara family has been in catering for many generations and over the years has gained a vast knowledge base to cater to your needs, the trade passed on from generation to generation further enhanced by education, experience, experimentation and most important of all day to day catering to their clients needs; acting upon clients feedback to constantly improve the skill set, product and service.

In the early 1950′s the Deguara’s were well known in Valletta with Mr Anthony Deguara being involved in various aspects of catering as well as owning a catering establishment in the heart of Valletta as well as a bakery. Towards the late 1950′s the Deguara family set up a bakery in the heart of Sliema opposite the Sliema Ferries in the area now known as the Strand. Other members of the family were also involved in catering in the area but it was George & Martin Deguara that continued most in the family footsteps, generally known as G&M Deguara for many years it was around 1982 that they moved to their present location in Swieqi where they have built a solid reputation for reliability, quality and great catering.

As is tradition it seems in the Deguara family the next generation is already very involved in the family catering business, sisters Lara and Erika continue the family tradition whilst adding new and exciting things to the business. The name has now been changed to Deguara Confectionery to reflect their involvement within the business, Lara specialises in cakes whilst Erika specialises in chocolate (Crave) whilst obviously working in most of the other areas of the business.

It seems that the family tradition continues, however when asked to describe themselves or their products, a humble reply is given both about their history as well as their present. “It is for our clients to decide if we are the best, always on time, absolutely perfect or simply amazing, we can only dedicate ourselves to what we do and continue to do so, to ensure our clients are satisfied.”

Through my own experience and from the reputation Deguara Confectionery have gained over the years the humble reply is impressive and I am certain that the clients have nothing but words of praise for Deguara Confectionery, yet as they say it is for their clients to decide so pass on by and benefit from the many years of experience that make Deguara Confectionery what it is today!