Party Food

Below you can find the price list for our wide selection of Party Foods – both cooked and frozen. Perfect for any event. Minimum qty applies for cooked party food items. ( min 20 pcs per item ).

Cooked Party Food Quantity
Fancy Cream Cakes Each
Mqaret Each
Chocolate Cups Each
Fairy Cakes / cup cakes Each
Pastini/Biskuttini 1 kg
Panini Egg Each
Panini Tuna Each
vol-au-vents shrimp    or   shrimp boats Each
Vol-au-vents Chicken (Subject to Availability) Each
Scampi (Deep Fried) Each
Chicken Nuggets Each
Samosas (Deep Fried) Each
Chicken Kebabs Each
Dumplings (Deep Fried) Each
Spring Rolls (Deep Fried) Each
Rice Balls Each
Sausage Rolls Each
Pastizzi Each
Pizza Individual Each
Pizza (Per tray x 60 pieces)  Margherita or with topping Each
Sfoglia (Per tray x 50 pieces) Each
Quiche Lorrain (Small tray x 24 pieces) Each
Gammon Kebabs Each
Qassatat Each
Mini Cornish Pastries Each
Cocktail Sausages Each
Devils on Horseback Each
Timpana (Small tray x 24 pieces) Each
Pulpettun slices Each
Gammon/Pineapple slices Each
Meat Balls Each
Salmon/Chicken Curry/Spinach & Feta/Cheese Puffs Each
Vol-au-vents Mushroom/Artichoke                        €0.40 

Prawn money bag       € 0.45

chicken fingers – tikka      €0 .85


broccoli & cheese nuggets         €0.45

cream cheese peppers        €0 .75

Please Note: Items are bite-sized
Frozen Party Food Quantity
Mqaret x 20
Panini (empty) x 30
Vol-au-vents Mushroom x 15
Vol-au-vents Artichoke x 15
Vol-au-vents Chicken x 15
Spinach Triangles x 20
Sausage Rolls x 24
Pastizzi Pizelli – Pea Cakes x 20
Pastizzi Rikotta – Cheese Cakes x 20
Pizza Individuals x 30
Qassatat – Spinach x 15
Qassatat – Rikotta x 15
Qassarat Tal-Pizelli (Peas) x 15
Mini Cornish Pastries x 15
Croissants ( mini ) x 15


Frozen Puffs Quantity
Broccoli x 15 x 15
Tex-Mex (Chili Con Carne) x 15 x 15
Chicken Curry x 15 x 15
Cheese x 15 x 15
Spinach and Feta Cheese x15 x 15
Salmon x 15 

Mushroom puffs x 15



x 15 

x 15